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Ramzy Shaker, BSc. Phm

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As of January 2023, Ramzy Shaker is  a certified prescriber for minor ailments!

The list of minor ailments includes:
~ Allergic rhinitis - Itchy eyes, sneezing, running and itchy nose, congestion.

~ Candidal stomatitis (oral thrush) - An infection caused by yeast, called Candida, that produces a thick, white coating in the mouth, on the inside of the cheeks, lips, gums, and on the tongue.
~ Conjunctivitis or Pink-eye (bacterial, allergic and viral) - Irritation and inflammation of the eye.
~ Dermatitits (atopic, eczema, allergic and contact) - Skin rash.
~ Dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps)
~ Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or Heartburn - When the acid from the stomach flows back up into the esophagus and causes heartburn.
~ Hemorrhoids
~ Herpes labialis (cold sores) - Cold sores of the lips and sometimes around the nose.
~ Impetigo (bacterial infection of the skin) - Red, itchy sores (most commonly on the face) that occurs mostly in infants and children, a contagious infection.
~ Insect bites and urticaria (hives)
~ Tick bites, post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent Lyme disease
~ Musculoskeletal sprains and strains - Sprains or strains that are related to a stretch, or a pull, or tear of a ligament, or muscle fibres. 
~ Urinary tract infections or UTI (uncomplicated) - A bacterial infection that causes irritation and redness of the lining of the bladder and the urethra.

As of April 6 , the recommended booster dosing interval for high-risk individuals will change from three months to six months which will align the dosing interval across all populations in Ontario, regardless of risk factors. Spring booster doses are recommended for specific high risk populations. If booster doses have been received on or after September 1, 2022 (either monovalent or bivalent), the recommended booster dosing interval is six months (168 days) after the last dose or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. Do any of the following apply to you?

• Aged 65 and older

• Resident of a long-term care home, retirement home, elder care lodge, and other congregate living settings for seniors

• Aged 18 years and older living in a congregate care setting for people with complex medical care needs

• Pregnant

• Aged 18 and older and moderately to severely immunocompromised

• Aged 55 and older identifying as First Nations, Inuit, or Métis and non-Indigenous household members aged 55 and older


At Frederick Mall Pharmacy, we know how important it is to make your health a top priority. Our services are available six days a week to compliment your healthcare goals. Our pharmacist is a leader in front-line healthcare and can help you get the best results from your medications. 

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We work with your doctor to help you get the most out of your medication.

For more information please contact us at 519-745-4700 or fax 519-745-0155

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We are proud to announce that as of January 2024 our new pharmacist, Ramzy Jr., will be at our pharmacy!

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